Zakide and the Wawasayg Film & Media Arts Festival

Programmed by Jacob Dayfox, Cole Forrest, Clayton Windatt and Tara Windatt

In 2020, when we first started imagining 2021, we were thinking that the Pandemic would be long-gone, and we would already be coming together as a community in-person again. This is only starting now, mid-way through the year, and it looks like 2022 may be more like how we imagined 2021 would be in 2020. The 2021 Festival was originally more themed around the various festival programmers coming together to exchange and collaborate. Several meetings were held between various community circles in 2020 to explore this idea, but in January 2021 when the lockdowns took hold again, many lost enthusiasm. Throughout this entire time, I have been working with Zakide on their festival development as well. Over the years of my involvement in FFFF there have been several times when Zakide was involved in some capacity. This year programming between the two groups just made sense considering online actions have no geography. The end result is that programming for the Wawasayg Film & Media Arts Festival is being shared with the Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film which aligns heavily with our originally planned theme of collaboration. Entering 2022, maybe Zakide can get involved in person, but for this year, please enjoy a series of programs currently available and being shared over the month of July. For more information, please visit