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Welcome to the Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film

Last year the Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film proudly celebrated the tenth anniversary of its inception by Grey Zone Collective members Myke Dyer, Phil Hoffman and Tony Massett. After ten years Tony felt that it was time to retire and we thank him for the tremendous work he has done every year. Happily, he will remain in the Collective as supporter, advisor, treasurer and annual consultant.

The beginning of our second decade is marked by a new logo designed by Paul Sych of Faith, and an expanded program that will offer daily afternoon screenings from Friday to Monday, as well as daily pub talks with film makers at our Festival Pub, The Rowan Moon Bistro.

Les Reines Prochaines - Claudia Willke, 2012

The Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film is pleased to welcome our guest programmers, Clint Enns and Nelson Henricks, as well as White Frame members Stella Handler and Chantal Molleur who will bring us a special focus on Swiss film, video, and installation art. We have also allowed space for a Special Guest Program which has been awarded to Geoffrey Shea this year. Geoffrey has been a staunch and active supporter of the festival since its beginning, and we are pleased to premiere his new work, Plastic Houses followed by an artist talk at our festival. As always, Phil Hoffman will program the opening screening at the Hanover Drive-In and Myke Dyer will bring us thought provoking documentaries for our afternoon program. I have invited Thomas Kneubuhler to do an installation of video works and programmed the last evening’s screening Us Animals.

We are especially pleased that all our of our programmers and some film makers and artists, including Barry Doupé (Vancouver), Clint Enns (Toronto-Winnipeg), Nelson Henricks (Montreal), Thomas Kneubuhler (Montreal), and White Frame members Chantal Molleur and Stella Handler (Basel, Switzerland) will all be coming to the festival. We hope to see more filmmakers arrive as well, and a large audience from within and outside of the region. The Festival takes place in Durham Ontario August 1 – 5, 2013. For information regarding travel or accommodation please contact us or look under Grey Bruce Tourism. We hope to see many of you in August. -- Corinna Ghaznavi


End of Time - Peter Mettler, 2012


Tickets are $5 per screening or program or $40 for festival pass.

Tickets can be purchased at each screening.

Kids tickets are free.

Let us know if you need a lift from the city or a place to stay during the festival.

Contact us: info@fabfilmfest.ca

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Thanks to :
Geoffrey Shea
Rowan Moon Bistro
and the Durham Art Gallery