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We are pleased to return after a year long sabbatical and WELCOME you for another dig into the treasure trove of contemporary projection arts. The familiar challenge of hosting a film festival in a town with no cinema allows us to explore and expand upon the relationship between audience and artist in unique and unusual settings.

We are experiencing a renaissance of Canadian filmmakers working within the 35mm film medium. THE HANOVER DRIVE-IN, an essential location to our festival over the years, will be home to the screening of many new Canadian works on 35mm. It is an ironic twist as the Kodak company folds its traditional field of operation and digital imagery storms the world.

 Pat O’Neil, Water and Power, film projected over Saugeen River
Film projected over the Saugeen River

The 1927 film Berlin: Symphony of a Great City provides the backdrop for Owen Sound’s SILENT FILM ENSEMBLE. This group has composed an original post-modern soundtrack using classical instruments and contemporary electronics.

LYLA RYE has taken on the challenge of resurrecting Durham’s Dell Theatre if just briefly for a few days. She will construct an outdoor video installation to be located on the now empty lot, site of the former theatre.

Our documentary program focuses on the work DANIEL ERIC METZGAR, a young DIY filmmakerr displaying the aesthitic of a seasoned professional. Metzgar’s films provide great moments of storytelling from unusual subjects.

MIKE HOOLBOOM, one of this country’s preeminent experimental filmmakers, brings us an exploration of a friend who took his own life. The film Mark weaves togther home video and found footage, creating a collage of fragmented memory.

We rely on the input of our guest programmers, who we select from across the country. This year we have a brilliant ensemble with contributions from JAKE MOORE, Montreal based and currently director of FOFA Gallery at Concordia University. Presenting a Quebec program of music/sound projection performance at the Symphony Barn.

SARAH ROBAYO SHERIDAN, Director of Mercer Union Gallery, Toronto and one of the major curators at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche Festival last year, will present an international program of short films.

BARBARA STERNBERG earned this year’s Governor General Award in Visual and Media Arts, in recognition of her output as one of Canada’s most distinctive and innovative media artists. Sternberg has curated an illuminating program of shorts spanning 50 years of landscape representation.

Challenging, provocative and unique in both setting and content, the rich tapestry of the Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film will inspire and delight.

Myke Dyer, Phil Hoffman, Tony Massett


Opening Reception

Thursday, July 28, 7pm
128 Garafraxa St. N with projections by Lyla Rye

Followed by:
Redeeming Cinema, at the Hanover Drive-In

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and the
Tremble Family

Thanks to our
artistic advisors
Geoffrey Shea,
Clive Holden and
Jacob Korczynski.