Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film 2011


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Monday, August 1, 2:00pm
Symphony Barn

“Mike Hoolboom, one of Canada’s most prolific independent filmmakers, has created a film about his friend Mark Karbusicky who died in 2007. As anyone who is familiar with Hoolboom’s work will expect, the filmmaker has not produced a straightforward documentary or biography of his longtime friend and collaborator. Rather, through the use of archival footage, both stock and home movies of Mark, and interviews with his friends, collaborators and co-workers, what emerges is a film that becomes less about Mark than about the effect he had on the people in his life and the world around him. Mark was involved in a dizzying array of causes and projects, and Hoolboom’s film touches upon them to the same extent Mark’s life did, sometimes in depth and sometimes with a fleeting interest. This fully engaged and engaging film has reinvented the biographical film by, perhaps intentionally, avoiding answering the big questions of ‘Who is Mark?’ and ‘What did he do?’ Instead, Hoolboom focuses on allowing Mark’s enigmatic personality the ability to never be defined as one thing or another. Above all, Mark was passionate about what inspired him at any given moment. Mark never simply went through the motions, whether in regards to a political cause, a friendship or an artistic project. In the Canadian filmmaking community, a new film by Mike Hoolboom is reason for celebration, and Mark is not only one of Hoolboom’s best films, but one of his most accessible. As one of Mark’s friends says in the film, ‘Mark was a presence,’ and Hoolboom not only captures what this means, but he shows what this presence meant to the world.”

Donovan Aikman, Victoria Film Festival


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