Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film 2009

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For information about the events or any of the venues, contact the Durham Art Gallery: (519) 369-3692 or info@fabfilmfest.ca

Durham Art Gallery
251 George St. E.
Durham, Ontario N0G 1R0
Durham is two hours northwest of Toronto at the intersection of Highway 6 and former Highway 4. The Gallery is two blocks northeast of the only traffic light in town.

Middle Dam
Across the street from the Durham Art Gallery.

Symphony Barn
#393889 Concession 2 EGR
3 km. north of Grey Road 4.







Backdoor B&B
Phone: (519) 369-6507
240 Garafraxa St. South (Hwy 6)
PO Box 426
Durham, ON N0G 1R0
*yes availability.

Dr. James Gun Inn
Phone: 1 (519) 369-6876
283 Durham Road East, PO Box 925
Durham, ON N0G 1R0
*Full availability on Saturday and Sunday only

Elizabeth's Tea Chest B&B
Phone: (519) 369-6639
127 Albert St South
Durham, ON N0G 1R0

Forest Edge B&B
Phone : (519) 369-5661 or
Toll Free (877) 800-3143
Durham, ON N0G 1R0
*yes availability

Number 9 Schoolhouse B&B
Phone: (519) 369-5292
393472 Concession 2, RR 4
Durham, ON N0G 1R0
*yes availability

The Hedges
Phone: (519) 369-6313
388 Durham Road East
PO Box 32
Durham ON N0G 1R0
*No Availability

Phone: (519) 369-6333 or
1 (866) 474-3720 (not in service)
Southgate Rd #24
Durham, ON, N0G 1R0

CAMPGROUNDSaugeenValley Conservation Area Durham
(519) 369-2074
*lots of availability


The Varney Inn
Phone: (519) 369-9982
RR 3
Varney, ON N0G 1S0
*wedding occurring on that weekend so only a few rooms left.


Anne's B&B
(AKA : Alternative Health Spa Bed and Breakfast)
Phone : (519) 364-0466
540 10th Avenue
Hanover, ON N4N 2P4
*yes for availability

Evening Shade
Phone : (519) 364-7660
65 10th St.
Hanover, ON N4N 1M9
* yes availability

The Traveller's Inn
Phone: 519-364-1911
244 7th Avenue
Hanover, ON N4N 2H1
*completely booked

Not Far

Son-Lit Hill Guest House
563131 Glenelg-Holland Townline RR 1 Durham, Ontario  N0G 1R0
Phone : 1 (519) 794-4844