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Metropolis Trailer (with original score)
(Germany, 1927, 124 min)
Fritz Lang

Copyright 2002 Kino International




Guelph composer, producer and remixer Andrew McPherson and fellow Eccodek member, Deliveryboy have composed a contemporary soundtrack to accompany Metropolis. The duo employ a combination of live instruments (guitar, percussion, piano, synths, beatboxes) sampled audio, live drum-groove looping, sound design and digital sound processing. They draw from a musical palette of jazz, classical, downtempo, dub, found sound, hip hop and ambient.

"A fever dream of the future. At last we have the movie every would-be cinematic visionary has been trying to make since 1927."

- A. O. Scott, The New York Times

"Spectacular...the greatest of all pulp fantasies. The most complete version since its Berlin premiere."

- J. Hoberman, The Village Voice