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by Tony Massett
Welcome to another summer festival of independent film, video and performance. We are pleased to begin with local resident Geoffrey Shea as the highlighted artist at the Durham Art Gallery, with an exhibition including five works that represents an intimate overview of his distinctive video making practise. The opening Gallery reception will be an opportunity to meet the festival artists and will be followed by a screening at the Hanover Drive-In. Phil Hoffman’s program, with our regular fanfare, heralds the festival opening and will feature eleven new, short films by independent filmmakers who continue to experiment with 35mm.

An integral part of the festival are the guest programmers who contribute their own particular insights and flavour to a balanced and provocative reading of contemporary moving images. This year we have Dawson City resident, curator and filmmaker Lulu Keating, who has brought a program that represent that hardy, individualistic, and idiosyncratic race: the people of the Yukon. Tess Takahashi, who is currently honoured with a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship at Oberlin College, has crafted a program that addresses the fugitive nature of visual truth, especially in lieu of image manipulation in this digitally enhanced age.

 Pat O’Neil, Water and Power, film projected over Saugeen River
Pat O’Neil, Water and Power, film projected over Saugeen River

Once again we are using the Saugeen River as the mirror reflection for several outdoor screenings, including Peoples Choice, a selection made by a jury comprising a cross section of our town and rural community. We continue outdoors at the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority’s new pavillion. Here our documentary series points the prism of its focus on the mysticism and lore of the deep American South.

A filmmaking workshop led by Mary Daniels is devoted to 16mm and the accompanying hand processing and developing required to bring it to a finished image. This a unique opportunity for the novice to physically explore the arcane mysteries of chemistry and creation.

Live performance could be the banner for this year’s festival, as Myke Dyer brings Andrew McPherson and Deliveryboy from Guelph based, world fusion band Eccodek to perform as the soundscape for Fritz Lang’s 1920’s classic, Metropolis. We also have two other live musical performances scheduled during the festival, to fill out an intense cultural weekend.

The final night of the festival is traditionally devoted to the performative nature of film. This year, guest programmer Jacob Korczynski introduces interdisciplinary artist Andrew Lampert. The New York based artist will employ a wide variety of film projection systems and screens to present “the goal of lively entertainment and earnest effort” —a laudable sentiment to conclude this years festival.


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Opening Reception

July 31, 7pm
Durham Art Gallery

Followed by:
Fear Remembered, at the Hanover Drive-In

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