Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film 2008

Fear Remembered

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August 2 - 4, The Film Farm, Mount Forest

The Handmade Film Workshop follows a tradition in alternative filmmaking that centres on a more improvisational and exploratory creative process than the traditional mainstream production model affords.

In traditional filmmaking you plan, test, shoot, then send the film to the lab and cross your fingers while you wait for the results. If something doesn’t work the way you had expected it can take months to re-shoot and start the whole process over. Hand-processing costs a lot less than lab-based filmmaking. This means you can take risks and make lots of mistakes that make both excellent teachers and essential fodder for the creative process. You don’t need a lot of formal training to get started, which in turn allows for a more intuitive working process. You can shoot a few feet, process it, watch the results appear under your nose, then go right back out and shoot some more. It is a great way to learn about cinematography, and has a way of being a satisfying experience irrespective of the results.

Ideally suited to artists and artisans with little to no filmmaking experience, the workshop is also open to people with filmmaking experience who would like to try their hand at a very different approach to making work than the one they learnt in film school. The workshop will include a mixture of short lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises, and will centre on creative project work. Participants will work to complete a simple hand-processed black and white film to show on the last weekend of the festival. They will learn how film stocks work, how to use a light meter, how to load and operate a 16mm film camera, how to develop black and white 16 mm film, and how to edit a film the old fashioned way. They will also have plenty of opportunities to turn technical limitations and happy accidents to their creative advantage, and to gain some insight into their own creative process.

The workshop will unfold over three days, August 2-4, the first weekend of the Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film. Finished films will be screened as part of the film festival program. The cost is $120 or $100 for Durham Art Gallery members. Participants should be 16 years of age and older. Registration is first come first serve and is limited.

Instructor Mary J. Daniel has a fifteen-year history of making hard to categorize films focusing on the artistry and poetry of mundane phenomena. She has taught media arts at Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia Okanagan, and Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Her Compulsive Archivist was the winner of the 2005 Toronto Images Festival award for best Toronto artist.



Intensive Three-Day Workshop
Cost: $120 (or $100 for Durham Art Gallery Members)
Space is limited so register early. For more info contact us at (519) 369-3692 or