Pedaling in Tandem
With The Rocky River Cycling Festival

August 5, 7pm, Middle Dam, Durham
(In the event of rain we will use the new pavillion at the entrance to the Durham Conservation Area.)

Durham’s Doug Miller is the visage that is Bike Face, the cycle business that has recently set up shop in town. Doug has put much energy and initiative into creating this brand new cycling festival which will run August 4 - 6. A new festival in town is certainly a cause for celebration, especially one that will be of interest to the whole spectrum of cycling culture.

The Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film and the Rocky River Cycling Festival will be partnering in an outdoor screening exploring the many shared interests connecting cycling and the moving image. The evening program begins at 7:00 with poetry, anecdotes and music of bike related content, followed in the descending darkness with a program of film.

In this inaugural year we are presenting cycling related films spanning the whole gamut of genres. From rare archival footage of early cycle-cross through some of the classics like the 1965 Tour de France, to the very contemporary super macho extreme-sport of riding into the abyss. The program as yet to be announced will borrow material from a wide source of artists, cycling aficionados and film archivists. We have prepared a unique discourse of filmmaking and its affinity to the autonomy of peddle power culture.

So pedal down to the river, prop up the bike and sit back for an unusual evening of theme specific entertainment.

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Contact: (519) 369-3692