Tony Massett

The Grey Zone Collective and the Durham Art Gallery are pleased to bring this film festival, for the third year, to the residents and visitors of Grey-Bruce.

Art comes packaged in many complex guises — which needn’t be devoid of humour and entertainment — as this array of film presentations displays through its wide ranging visual imagery and philosophical concerns. The programmers this year include Myke Dyer, Philip Hoffman, Janine Marchessault, Tony Massett and Geoffrey Shea, with the additional collaboration of United Media Arts programmer, Ilse Gassinger, who is presenting a series devoted to the collusion of contemporary dancers and filmmakers.

The Durham Art Gallery will play host to a film installation and the video series that will both run continuously for six weeks. The theatrical venues range from the Hanover Drive-In — which is an annual favourite — to town halls to the Symphony Barn in Glenelg. We hope you come out to enjoy this unique presentation, meet the many filmmakers who will be present, and relax on languid summer evenings to some of the best visual image makers this country has to offer.